Ruby the Hatchet
[EP] “Eliminator

Artwork [ Adam Burke ]
Format [ 2 song EP ]
Release [Feb 2014]
Media [ Stream, 7in.vinyl, K7.tape ]

The might of a groove is not to be underestimated.

Ruby the Hatchet are no foreigners to that notion, and theirs is a name that fans of the stoner metal scene will soon have no reason not to know about. Lend them an ear and you won’t be disappointed : if you are fond of the likes of Clutch and Kyuss you might latch onto their doomy grooves right away. There is something in the vocals that will garner comparisons to Doro and Heart, but that’s only when the singer is working in the ‘melodic’ registers. Ruby the Hatchet’s sound strikes home with bass lines grounded in a retro vibe and riffs that are as thick as slabs of concrete. They’ve also got trippy leads and psychedelic surges that won’t fail to remind us of Hawkwind’s colossal tunes, especially on that 9 minutes long title track “The Eliminator“. The whole experience is a bonafide trip down memory lane – that could be deeply rooted in the doom and gloom of Black Sabbath, Cathedral or Pentagram – so it’s easy to have the impression that they can only get better from the preview that this short & sweet EP offers. Sure thing is that it’s definitively worth your time.

[ 4 / 5 ] Don’t skip this one !
Review by DeathsLoco

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