King Parrot
[LP] “Dead Set”

Artwork [ tbd. ]
Format [ LP ]
Release [2015]
Media [ DLC / CD / Ltd. 12in Vinyl ]
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Feral bird disfigures music conventions. Long live the bird.

Abrasive and quite manic.

That’s King Parrot‘s blend of grindcore in a nutshell. Dead Set is the second album of this grindcore formation, hailing from Melbourne, who work mostly using groovy riffs played with meaty guitar tones. The mix always offers a spastic soundscape down the line: the ace up their sleeve being an improbabilty factor that’s comparable to that of cult entertainers Macabre, using constrating guttural growls and high-pitched screams.

With the power of a speeding train, the members of King Parrotstart by churning out brutal songs yet they never fail to bring their share of tempo changes or thrashy crossover songs like Sick in the Head and Tomorrow Turns to Blood. You will hear riff after riff of a brand of metal that’s groovy as heck with a penchant for sludgy chugging that will get the adrenalin pumping. When the rush in those tracks ends up morphing into sludgy parts, the result gets exponentially murky. King Parrot has something for fans of Dismember as far as guitar tone goes, that’s for sure, yet they are led by manic vocals that could be compared to Bad Acid Trip more often than to generic death metal growls. There are a couple of tracks here that contain visceral bursts of rage which could be tagged as the definitive sound of King Parrot,like Home is Where the Gutter is, Reject and Like a Rat. We can admit that their spastic approach to music doesn’t let them stand still long enough to end up cornered in a single genre. It is undeniable that they share the unapologetic attitude which Napalm Death has been arboring for decades.

Songwriting is sometimes about letting tracks get enough time to work out core ideas while not overextending their welcome. King Parrot are disciplined enough to stay focused, with most songs on Dead Set ending up clocking-in around the three to four minutes range. Efficient and just overwhelming enough, yet never straying far from an abrasive grindcore intensity that gets as brutal as Misery Index: the buzzsaw guitar sound could hack through concrete if needed! The direct approach taken here warrants recognition for the quality of their output: the production sounds like it should for a modern album of this genre, nothing to criticize here except what (for fans) are the actual qualities of grind.

King Parrot can work by amplifying the urgency of their grindcore and they won’t fail to be distinguishable from other bands. Their music is at its core a sludgy grind that can make or break the listening experience. Not everyone will appreciate the higher pitched and somewhat tragicomical vocals which, like those of Macabre cannot disappoint: you either love them or hate ’em. One cannot simply stand on the fence with such an eccentric formation as King Parrrot. For every enthusiast it entices, the same vocal antics ruin it for another. But as far as extreme music goes, Dead Set can be weighted against anything from Pig Destroyer to the psychotic sludgecore vibe of Soilent Green.

[ 8.5 / 10 ] Final Verdict? Nothing short of an 8 and it will grow on you over time.
The king is dead, long live the feral bird! ⚂

Review by ♖ DeathsLoco [AlexH.]

Stream courtesy of Agonia Records.

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