Archived Albums

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Artist Title Genre(s) Label Release Rating
Gentle Giant Free Hand [Prog Rock] Capitol/EMI 1975 [8.8]
Kansas Monolyth [Prog Rock/Folk] CBS Records 1979 [8.0]
Alice Cooper Killer [Shock Rock] Warner Bros 1971 [8.3]
Nina Hagen Band White Punks on Dope [Shock Rock/Proto-Punk] Columbia 1980(1978-79) [7.7]
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon [Hard Rock/Metal] CBS Records/Epic 1983 [8.5]
Nazareth No Mean City [Hard Rock] A Mountain Records 1979 [6.0]
Twisted Sister Stay Hungry [Glam Rock] WEA Music/Atlantic Recordings 1984 [6.3]
Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies Shock Rock Warner Brothers/WEA Music 1973 [7.0]
Queen Live Killers Prog Rock Elektra/Asylum Records 1979 [7.5]
King Crimson Lizard Prog Rock Warner Bros/Atlantic 19xy [8.0]
Propagandhi How to Clean Everything [Melodic Punk] Fat Wreck Chords 19xx(2013Reprint) [8.8]
Ruby the Hatchet The Eliminator [EP] [Stoner/Doom Metal] indie 2014 [8.0]
Zero Degré Celcius Contes du Coude - Tales From the Bend [Folk/Pop Rock] Ground Swill Records 1995 [6.5]
Halcyon Way A Manifesto for Domination [Prog/Melodic Metal] Nightmare Records 2008 [6.0]
Infected Malignity Re:Bel [Prog/Death Metal] Galy Records 201x [8.0]
The Pentangle Solomon's Seal [Progressive/Folk] Castle Music/Sanctuary Records 2003 [8.8]
Faith No More The Real Thing [Fusion/Prog Rock] Slash Records/Reprise/CBS Records 1989 [7.0]
Superior Enlightenment The Great Obscurantism TechBlackMetal Mankind's Demise Records 201x [8.0]
Ghoulunatics Sabacthany [Death n Roll/Death Metal] Galy Records 2004 [8.0]
Beyond Creation Earthborn Evoutions [Prog/TechDeath Metal] Season of Mist 2014 [9.6]