Category: Heavy Metal

King Parrot – “Dead Set”


King Parrot [LP] “Dead Set” Artwork [ tbd. ] Format [ LP ] Release [2015] Media [ DLC / CD / Ltd. 12in Vinyl ] [Stream Access granted for promotional purposes courtesy of Agonia Records, partner site : [ ] Feral bird disfigures music conventions. Long live the bird. Abrasive and quite manic. That’s King Parrot‘s blend of grindcore…

Ruby the Hatchet – “Eliminator” [EP]


Ruby the Hatchet [EP] “Eliminator“ Artwork [ Adam Burke ] Format [ 2 song EP ] Release [Feb 2014] Media [ Stream, 7in.vinyl, K7.tape ] 100%SponsorFree The might of a groove is not to be underestimated. Ruby the Hatchet are no foreigners to that notion, and theirs is a name that fans of the stoner…